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Our new style drop shoulder hoodie/crewnecks, done in a vintage washed black color.

Made with soft thick cotton, so the texture is warm and comfortable while it does not feel very heavy and massive.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Tumble Dry low
  • Printed Label
  • Size Up Recommended
  • Made in China

In the “Fear to Love” design by Agnostic Clothing, we explore the fascinating concept that a single phrase can hold a multitude of meanings, each unique to the individual who encounters it.

At first glance, the words “fear to love” may evoke thoughts of apprehension or a transition from fear to love. However, these words take on a life of their own, offering countless interpretations through the lens of countless eyes. For our designers, “fear to love” represents not just a hesitation, but an irresistible urge, a deep longing for love. This is why we chose the butterfly as a symbol for this phrase. It mirrors the transformation from a humble worm to a cocoon and eventually into a butterfly, much like how people evolve in their understanding of a single sentence over time.

Through this design, Agnostic aims to convey our unwavering spirit of love. We recognize that the path from “Fear” to “Love” is a personal journey, and there is no universal interpretation. No one, not even the designer, can dictate how you should understand the concept because it is uniquely yours to define. We’re here to share our perspective, but you hold the power to discover your own truth.

It’s your fear, your love, your Agnostic.


S, M, L, XL


Crewneck, Hoodie


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